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Do you secretly worry that you’re a bad Mum?

  • Do you look at other mothers and think they’ve done a much better job than you?
  • Do you worry about your children?  And wonder if problems are all your fault?
  • Are you exhausted from a constant round of working and organizing everyone? Does it feel like your needs come bottom of the list?
  • Do you struggle with feelings of guilt?

If so, The Good Enough Mum is here to help women just like you.

I’m Josephine HUGHES

I’m a Mum with grown up children (they survived!). I'm a counsellor who works with women who think they aren't very good at being Mums. I’ve been there and I know how it feels.

By working on myself, and with other women, I’ve realized there are ways that we can help ourselves feel better. I’m here to help you feel more calm and confident, get rid of the guilt, and be able to enjoy parenting your children - whatever their age.

The wonderful thing is, as you feel better, your whole family benefits. My family relationships were transformed as I felt happier and more confident in myself and my parenting.

If you'd like my help, we can work together:

  • in my beautiful counselling office in Southend-on-Sea, Essex
  • or online using a secure, encrypted video call

If you know you want some help, please get in touch:

You can email me via the form below
You can call me on 07506 269 473
You can book counselling using my scheduler
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