The Good Enough Mum is both me, Jo Hughes, and the mothers who visit this page. The path I walk in my mothering is to know that I am enough in my life and for my children. This has not been easy for me to learn and my passion is to share ways that mothers can feel better about themselves – to help them with their self esteem, their confidence, their happiness and their relationships.

The journey begins with ourselves and for many of us that is the hardest place to start. As mothers we have so many other calls on our time! However, just as the airline safety briefing tells us to apply an oxygen mask to ourselves before we can help our children, sometimes we need to be kinder to ourselves to help those we love the most.

Life can throw unexpected challenges at us and mothers are particularly vulnerable when those challenges concern our children. Have you ever seen a wobble board in a gym? The aim is that however unstable the ground beneath our feet, our core muscles enable us to maintain balance. In our parenting, if we have a strong inner core of self belief, we are able to meet challenges with peace and equanimity.

Yet women are not supposed to parent alone. Throughout history, women have supported each other in their task of mothering. I have been gifted in my parenting with many “mothers” and “sisters” along the way. Now I’d like to offer my help to you in your journey and hold out that steadying hand if you feel you are about to over-balance.

I’ve been working with mothers for over twenty years in a variety of roles. I’ve provided support to pregnant mums, new mums, grieving mums, mums affected by domestic violence, mums with young children, mums with teenagers and mums with adult kids. I’m a British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy Registered & Accredited Counsellor.

The Good Enough Mum is here to support you. Take a look around – I’ll be adding more content daily.